Uberfoody Web Application Features

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With our user oriented website features develop your online restaurant business with aplomb. Enhance your potential and compete with your counterparts by setting a business trend. We promise to put your business on spot with must have features for your software.

Ordering via QR code:
QR Code

Give your customers an experience of paying via QR code. It makes payment fast, safe and secure. Customers can pay comfortably at a tap by scanning QR code stickers. This ensures efficiency by brushing aside ordering hassles. By following a few simple steps customers can view the menu, specify the table number, place an order and pay at the drop of a hat. Our system makes this easy for you to get your business going.

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Web application has a unique qr code application to scan
Make Reservations Trouble-free
Table Reservations

Advanced table reservations like never before.Magnanimous features to offer simplified solutions. On our app make prior individual and group table booking for smooth dining experience. With multi functional features Customers can pre-reserve tables on app with exact seat and time specifications. Its diverse features include ‘select menu’, ‘advance pay’, ‘create group’ and many to the list. Enlarge your business boundaries and deliver promising results.

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Make table reservations from your website
Feasible solution
Featuring restaurants

Specially featurize restaurants on the web and generate earnings for prioritizing restaurants.

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Feature and promote your restauarant
Powerful and Flexible
Favourite Restaurant

Take restaurants to customers marketize and raise your revenue for wider visibility and exhort people to flag their favourites.

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Book mark your favourite restaurant
On the move takeaway's
Take Away Option

Offer simplified individual and group table booking for smooth dining experience. Customers can pre-reserve tables on app with exact seat and time specifications. This way restaurant owner can pre-plan inventories and requirements and offer promising dining experience.

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Easy take away option is available on Uberfoody web application
Credible Ratings

Build your customers trust and attract wide range of customers with our well built rating system. Let your customers leave a review for the services received and assess quality for better user experience. Credible reviews will sure to ramp up your business needs.

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Rate your experience and let others know what you feel
Exciting Reward Points
Reward Points

Go big with enticing reward points and offers. Give customers a chance to earn big for every order placed and reward them with points to gain discounts for future orders. Give your customers the benefit of earning reward points, vouchers, and deals by referring the app to their kith and kin.

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order more and get more reward points
Inviting Menu
Multi Listing Menu

Customers can choose their favourite dish from a variety of Multi listing menu, with extras, toppings and from a myriad of food choices. Add menu items and categorise it based on the cuisines. It is easy to access the interactive menu page via easy search option and navigation tool. Enhance your customer experience by allowing them to choose from a wide range in a jiffy.

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 Ample dishes to choose from a multi restaurant menu option