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Online restaurant table reservation system is the new trend!

Online table reservation software is one of the new fashioned features of Uberfoody for restaurants. Table booking is simplied in a way, it allows your customers to book tables in prior for both individual and group with exact date, time and head count specifications. Wondering why it is so special? Customers can view menu in prior, not only that but also can pre-order the dishes from home and pay for it in advance just to avoid the last minute ordering hassles. With a lot more exciting features customers can make easy table reservations like never before. As a classic feature it enables you to create a chat group. Sounds good? Learn more and be taken aback.

Online restaurant table booking system is now easily available on the app
Restaurant Table Reservation Features

Redefine online table reservation app for your growing restaurant business

Take off your online business with restaurant table reservations software. With this well crafted platform receive more number of reservations.

Select individual and group table booking effortlessly
Trailblazing features to wow you

Individual / Group booking

Reserve tables for dates, family gatherings and team outings trouble free with this feature. Customers can book tables for both individual and groups. Give your customers the benefit of choosing the head counts, tables, convenient date and time. Also, going further customers can view the menu and order before reaching the restaurant premises. With a user friendly virtual interface, booking tables can be done transparently for the desired number.

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create groups within your guest list
Connect & operate easily

Create chat groups

Have you heard of creating groups within a reservation app? Allow customers create a group as in Whatsapp and other platforms. The user who is making an appointment can create a group. Also, the user can send restaurant’s link to each of the members in the group to their phone numbers. The user can either pay for all the members in the group or select members. Through the link the individual members can also view and select menu and pay for themselves.

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Manage your guests lists with easy reservation status
Timely Reminders

Inform your guest of reservation status

Keep your group informed about the reservation status. With time to time alerts and reminders be sure of the reservation made to enjoy the one of a kind dining experience.

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Monitor overall reservation status at ease
Child’s Play Reservation

Manage reservation at ease

Manage, add & edit reservations at a tap. With confirmation alerts, book frequently and easily anytime anywhere.

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 Make your online brand presence big
Go Online Go Wide

More visibility online

Provide your customers an easy ordering portal. Be visible to a large group.

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Get more new customers online
Welcome New Customers

Attract new diners

Attract diners from all walks of life. With arresting features, attain potential customers to achieve the desirable results.

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Multiple feasible payment options
Easy Breezy Payments

Make easy payments effortlessly

Make payments before or after dinning. App allows you to pay using the QR code. Split bills easily among the members. Rule out any kind of reservation hassles with Uberfoody.

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Yield more revenue
More Bookings More Revenue

Generate more bookings

Happy customers lead to happy businesses. Grow you restaurant business upscale by letting your diners book anywhere anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Can we book individual tables?

Yes, book individual tables during specific time and block it. It will be removed from the inventory for the set time.

Can we book group tables?

Yes, depending on the head counts, you can block group tables.

Does Uberfoody offer A-Z solution to your restaurants’ reservation?

Yes, Uberfoody offers all inclusive features to take care of your restaurants’ reservation needs.

Does it work on both mobile app and Web?

Yes, holistic features of Uberfoody work on both mobile and web applications.