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Who said owning and managing a multi restaurant delivery software is difficult? Gift your restaurant a multifaceted delivery software and amplify your productivity. This software is fully capable of taking care of your restaurants' holistic operations. Our aim is to automate your delivery experience by ruling out the drudgery of manual work. Uberfoody’s restaurant delivery software is built to support both website and mobile (Android & IOS ) applications. Using this software 'Place', 'process', 'assign' and 'deliver' orders with regularity and precision. Offering a comprehensive application to take care of your everyday habitual restaurant needs is our priority. Our results driven developers have developed the software to advantage customers, restaurateurs, and delivery agents, in an intention to bridge them all together seamlessly on a single platform. Also, at the same time make the app effectively work for all three of them.

Manage multiple restaurants efficiently with a multi restaurant delivery software
Multi restaurant delivery software Features

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Superabundance of features to supercharge your online business. Groundbreaking features to maximize revenue.

Restaurant delivery dashboard helps you monitor the overall workflow
Futuristic features

Admin dashboard

Multi delivery software comes with a fully functional advanced admin dashboard to manage the entire work process of your restaurant . It helps you with customer management, delivery management, commission tracking, advanced discount engine, product recommendations, storing the customer database, advanced reporting and much more. Admin panel is the brain of any restaurant software as it leads the entire platform. Have a laid back monitoring experience with our fully responsive control panel.

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Restaurant delivery software helps you to manage overall driver management
Stay Informed

Driver management

Owning a delivery source of your own and managing a large number of delivery agents is not a herculean task anymore, with the help of driver management tools to add/manage drivers easily. Store drivers personal data, experience, rating and details pertaining to vehicle registration. Storing personal data of drivers will help you evaluate their performance on a regular basis.

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Restaurant delivery management software aids you to take care of accepte/cancelled orders
Easy Follow up

Order management

Every delivery agent is given the option of accepting and rejecting the orders. In case, if the agent is unable to accept the order and cancels, the admin can view it and assign the delivery to the next agent in line. The data of rejected orders and successfully delivered orders are stored here for perusal.

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Restaurant delivery software comes with an advanced report
Descriptive reports


Admin dashboard allows you to pull detailed reports of delivery, orders, and revenue generated on a timely basis. You can also easily manage the stock, inventory and sales graph of the restaurant.

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Restaurant delivery software helps you to keep a tab on the commission
Easily Monitor

Commission tracking

It is the option that allows you to monitor the commission and incentive earned by the drivers. Drivers can keep a tab on the incentive earned on a timely basis.

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Restaurant delivery software has an advanced live tracking option
Live tracking

Route optimization

Advanced route optimization technology helps delivery agents with real time live tracking . In addition it helps them promptly deliver orders with accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Does the software support both the web and mobile applications?

Yes, the restaurant delivery software supports both web and mobile applications

Is Uberfoody affordable ?

Yes, we offer first class software applications without compromising the quality.

Is it customizable?

Yes, the application is customizable, we custom make functionalities based on your preferences.

Can we build restaurant delivery software for small businesses?

Yes, you can also build restaurant delivery software for both large and small businesses.