A List of Amazing Mobile Features

The only mobile application with all inclusive futuristic features

Keep an eye on Orders
Order Management

Quick, fast and simple ordering solutions with a plenty of customisations. Managing features made easy with Uberfoody. High- end inbuilt features help you manage process and deliver orders. With its micro managing features, it also helps you keep a track on new orders, self pick up orders, complete orders and cancelled orders.

Restaurateurs can quickly access the orders to coordinate multiple deliveries. Monitor the best possible routes and can check Inventory of food and beverage items. Multi -faceted designs help you keep a tab on overall order management. Make processing orders hassles free with in-depth tracker and accelerate your production. Systematically manage multiple orders all at once and effectively deliver results.

Manage orders easily with an impressive order management feature
Examine Commissions
Commission Tracking

Restaurants can decide their commissions and how much they would like to pay it to the food delivery system or individual delivery drivers. In built commission tracking features will record every tweeny weeny piece of information pertaining to tracking.

Easily track commission with a systematic commission tracking feature
Make easy reservation
Reservation Management

Easy reservation tracking management feature will allow restaurateurs manage their restaurants like a pro. Our app offers restaurant reservation management, online table reservation management, table arrangement, Party booking management, guest recognition in real time. Diners can choose a restaurant based on location, timing, cuisines and number of guests. To ensure smooth dining experience, diners can view listings with ratings, reviews and menus to help themselves in deciding the right dining experience. As an added advantage you can easily keep an eye on reservation cancellations.

Manage reservations easily
Restaurant Offers

Offers excite customers and are the crucial business builders. Restaurants can promote their food business by providing various discounts and coupon code to the customer. It will ensure loyalty and also retain customers. Also push notifications, let people know about all the attractive deals and offers on your app. Customers can also review and rate the menu based on the quality offered.

It is the best platform to provide exciting offers for your customers
Featured restaurant:

Specially featurize nearby restaurants and get credits for marketizing restaurants on your dashboard. Let your restaurants get specially featured.

promote your restaurant specially and get new customers
Orders A Scan Away
QR Code Scanning

Scanning via QR code is one of the crucial features that is predominant in the app. Customers can avoid the hassle of paying using their cards/ cheque. To ensure smooth dining experience, customers can view restaurants’ menu directly on their phone by scanning the QR stickers on the table. It is a safe secure and highly commendable feature meeting the current fast driven life needs.

supercharge customer experience with easy qr code option
Individual and Group Booking
Table Reservation

One of the arresting features that a customer gets to experience with the app is definitely easy table reservations. Customers can book tables without having to call the restaurants. Through easy navigation tools on the app.

Customers can directly reserve tables for Individuals and the Group, with the exact head count, date and time specifications. By going an extra mile, customers can pre-pick the menu and pay in advance for the menu selected. Also customers can add pay, address and coupon codes. It also gives the customers the leniency to pay after dinning.

Book a table directly from the app without any hassle,
Favourite Dish At A Swipe
Cuisine Based Search

Customers can pick the cuisine of their choice from a variety of different restaurants from their localities and relish it. With easy search tools finding restaurants is made easy with uberfoody.

Cuisine based advanced search results
Drop A Star!
Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings of the customers are quintessential feature of any service based apps. Customer reviews are vital for any business’s growth. Customers can give their authentic reviews and the rate the services received. With credible and trustworthy reviews from the customers you can make sure of customer retention and loyalty.

Rate the app and view the credible ratings of others
Navigate Hassle Free
Excellent Navigation Tool

Integrated Google maps comes handy for the customers, customers can track the orders, delivery agents location through the app. It is well crafted with an excellence to ensure that the deliveries are made timely and at the accurate destinations.

Navigation tool to work through the app
Multiple Payment Options
Payment Gateways

Payments made easy with this promising feature, customers can pay easily anytime anywhere using the easy payment options available on the app. App has abundant payment options using credit/debit/ digital wallet. Your customers can also pay using (Paypal and stripe). Worry-free payments are just a tap away with uberfoody.

Convenient payment options to ensure smooth payments
Unlimited Offers
Coupon Code

Coupon codes excite customers and it invites them to place orders with the restaurant. You can grow your business by leaps and bounds with overflowing coupon codes with uberfoody.

Attractive coupon code and deals
Pick It Yourself

Pickup is one of the prominent features present in the app. Customers can place an order, pay for it and opt to pick it up by themselves. It is totally crafted to ensure convenience and to attend to various needs of the customers

Customise your delivery type with easy self pick up option
Keep a tab on commissions
Commission Tracking

Delivery agents will get a clear picture of commissions received and earnings earned for every single order in their Commission tracking tool. They can easily follow up any commission that they are about to receive on their app.

Drivers can now easily track the commission anytime
Live Updates
Real time live tracking

Tracking made easy with Google map facility. Delivery agents can attend to any delivery requests and can deliver items at the door step seamlessly using this functionality. Easy navigation is made possible with Uberfoody to ensure timely delivery.

Live track the customer location easily
Timely Notifications
Order Notification

Delivery software sends real time order notifications to the delivery professional to keep them updated on the delivery status. This works as a chain along with the restaurateurs and buyers, to keep them updated on the status and time taken.

Get notifications on new order
Keep a check on your delivery
Order Delivery Management

Uberfoody delivery app records every single piece of information pertaining to delivery. Deliver professionals can tack their received orders, delivery history, number of pickups done, reached location and work done status easily.

Manage the record of orders delivered effectively
Sound Rebiews
Rate Delivery

To ensure smooth working experience, drivers can also rate their delivery experience with the restaurant and customers on the app.

Rate your delivery experience to the location
Opt Status
Online / Offline Status

Delivery agents have offline and online options to show their available status.Restaurants will assign orders to the agents accordingly who are available online. Delivery agents have the liberty to opt in or opt out. Through this app, delivery agents can also cancel delivery requests.

Opt in and opt out your availability status