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Why should you own Uberfoody's food ordering software?

Uberfoody launches food ordering software for restaurants to expand online business. Try our advanced customizable restaurant food ordering software, a platform which will satisfy all of your business needs. With our world class high end design integrated ordering system, climb the progressive ladder of excellence.

Uberfoody comes in handy for customers, restaurants and delivery platforms. Upsurge quality with our advanced food ordering software. Place orders comfortably through both web and mobile applications (Android &Ios). Effectiveness of this system helps restaurant management to accelerate production. On demand software is featured to help customers place orders easily. Make your restaurant dreams come true with Uberfoody.

Food ordering software for restaurants to manage overall workflow of the restaurant
Get higher revenue by opting for our Uberfoodys food ordering software
Higher Revenue
Fully customisable software to meet your business specific requirements
Fully Customisable
Uberfoody comes with a cost effective deal
Multilingual feature allows you to get the software in the language of your liking
your own system to run the busniness and engage your target audience
Your own system
 you can setup quick and easily anywhere, anytime
Quick & Easy Setup
User centric and user friendly application
User Friendly
Install the application for free
Free Installation

Food Ordering App/ Web Application

Well crafted food ordering software for restaurants to level up your online business.

Food ordering software for restaurants with ideal features to achieve the desirable outcome.

Uberfoody Offers

Partner App

Merchant friendly software welcomes the sellers to widen their food business horizons. Selling assortment of food varieties is simple with Uberfoody application. With its advanced features, managing restaurant details, orders, menus, sales, offers, pricing, and transfer of contents become effortlessly simple. With the help of this prime app. you can easily monitor sales, fulfill orders and skyrocket your business graph.

  • Feature Restaurant
  • Self Pick-up Orders
  • Comission Tracking
  • Offers
Restaurant friendly partner to accept process and deliver orders
Customer app ensure smooth ordering and delivery experience and it saves  valuable time.
Uberfoody Offers

Customer App

Uberfoody ensures you world class customer centric ordering experience. It gives food lovers the liberty to satisfy their taste buds from their favorite local restaurants. High profile user friendly app is designed to offer abundance of choices, multiple payment options, Google maps functionality, order tracking facility, and others to make sure ordering experience is seamless.

  • Easy Navigation
  • QR Code
  • Table reservation
  • Cuisine Based Search
Uberfoody Offers

Delivery App

Deliver finger-licking food items at the door step without a hitch with Uberfoody food delivery software. Rely on our application for profile management, delivery management, push notifications, routing, contact less delivery, order status, and ensure unrestrained service. Versatile features handcrafted to be the best in town for our delivery agents.

  • Track Your Earnings
  • Real-time Live Tracking
  • Order Notification
  • Order Management
Delivery app works the best for the delivery agents to deliver items on the location.
Robust web application with  inbuilt  features to cater to the needs of web users.
Uberfoody Offers

Web Application

Create your own website application and scale up your online business.Turn your website into a powerful tool and make ordering easy for your customers. Accept and deliver orders within your own website and gratify customers with rich features. With efficient website specifications customers will stay connected to your site.

  • QR Code Check Out
  • Table Reservation
  • Multi Listing Menu
  • Advance Filter Option
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Uberfoody's food ordering software for restaurants

Boost your productivity

Begin your online business like a pro with uberfoody's features and supercharge your restaurant like never before.

Make easy individual and group table reservations on Uberfoody app
Make Reservations Trouble-free.

Table Reservations

Meet the needs with convenient user friendly table reservations option. As an icing to the cake, our inbuilt app reservations help customers book tables in prior with the head count thereby selecting the date and time in advance. It also advantages the customer to view and select menu options to have a pleasant dining experience.

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Self pick up order is specially designed for customers who can self pick up their orders on the move.
Feasible Solutions

Self Pick-up Order

User friendly self pickup option allows customer to pick up the order themselves when it is ready. This time saving effective option rules out long waiting hours and delivery charges.

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Qr code feature to scan and pay at ease without any hassle on Uberfoody application.
Order & Pay smartly with QRCode

QR Code

Let your customers avoid ordering hassles by scanning a QR code from the safety of their own device. Replace print menus to QR menu and provide the same lists and services. With this handy aid customers can order fast and pay in a jiffy without having to handle their cards and leave their place.

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Uberfoody comes with an advanced white label solution rename and brand your product as per your choice.
Powerful and Flexible

White Label Solution

Rebrand and resell your service and products easily with our cutting edge white label solution. It is a flexible customizable solution to create your unique brand in the market. It is cost and time efficient solution that provides stability and security for your brands ‘online presence.

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Food ordering software for restaurants predominant features

Thrive your revenue

Step up restaurant's revenue in ample ways and get colossal yield.

admin icon

Admin Commission For Restaurants

Earn commissions from every single restaurant/ store for orders placed with your systematized platform.

Featured restaurant icon

Revenue For Featured Restaurant

Bring in earnings for featuring restaurants on home page. Recommend restaurants and ramp up your profit.

Delivery commission Icon

Delivery Commission

Charge a price for every delivery made for the restaurants.


Promotions and Marketing

Generate profit for promoting restaurants’ offers, discounts and listings on homepage.

Table reservation

Table Reservation

Every table reservation done for restaurants through app would yield you a portion from their revenue.

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Awesome App!

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

How uberfoody restaurant delivery system differs from others?

Our application has pioneering advanced features in the market. It ensures fast and secure high performance. On demand delivery app is fully customizable, you can fully customize it as per your liking. Our coding experts will change your software dreams into reality .It also offers multilingual translation benefit so that you can translate it to any language as per your requirement.

Why is online ordering good for restaurants?

Online ordering improves your businesses’ revenue in multi folds. It improves your brand’s visibility and sets a remarkable place for you in the market place. It makes placing orders a cakewalk for your customers and with its arresting features there is no going back.

Can I get uberfoody application in other mediums?

Yes, you can get Uberfoody online food ordering application in both android and IOS. You can create your own website in the medium of your liking with the help of our professional expertise. It has been designed to cater to website, Android and Ios users.

Are we rendering our service to both single and multi-vendors?

Yes we provide our service to both single and multi vendor restaurants, with predominant features we create you one that matches your business requirements .