How to sell more food online with the best Seo practice: A checklist

Selling online is a new trend. Life during the global pandemic demands businesses to operate differently from conventional methods. Restaurants businesses that were operating brick and mortar have now stepped into the online realm to reach their customers. However, it is not easy as it sounds to sell food online with the existing competition. If you are a restaurant owner who is struggling to augment your business online, then this is exactly for you.

Best Seo practice to sell more food online

With changing times, every business is going virtual to stay afloat. When you create a website, it will not automatically fetch customers as Aladdin’s genie does. There is an increase in competition, especially in the food industry. What can be done? How to sell more food online? If this is your concern, keep reading. The term Seo stands for search engine optimization, which will help you to optimize your website as per the prominent search engine guidelines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). On-page and off-page SEO are the two types of SEO that work the best for indexing websites. Many people are unaware of it and are struggling to get their services listed on the first few pages. Here is the good news! You can sell more food online by following the Seo best practices.

Why is there a need for Seo optimization?

Seo Optimization

When you develop a website with keyword-rich content as per the SEO guidelines, it helps search engines to index your website on the first page. In addition, it highlights your business online among 100 other businesses. When you optimize your website, you can bring it first in the search results. In other words, optimizing a website makes it more appealing to search engines. As a result, it boosts your online presence. When people search for a restaurant and find yours first, most likely they will order from you. Online visibility is a factor you can achieve when you optimize your website. It will take your restaurant business directly to your targeted customer base. Restaurant delivery software works the best because of the convenience it offers to the customers. People search for things online either to visit the nearest restaurant to dine in or to order from it. So, boosting the online presence of the restaurant is a need of the hour.

In addition to this, when your website content has the keywords that people are typing on search engines on a day-to-day basis, it will not only display your restaurant over the others but also it will get to know what your restaurant is all about. For business, it will bring new customers, and, on the other hand, for customers, Google will offer results exactly based on the words typed. Online exposure for your restaurant will lead to more sales, leads, higher revenue, and a hike in profit margin.

Moreover, by employing SEO techniques, one can generate organic traffic for the website. It is the best and the cheapest way to rank your restaurant above the rest and to boost your online presence. 

What are the best On-page SEO practices for websites?

Optimal keywords

Firstly, one should know the keywords that customers are searching for on the search engines when it comes to restaurants and food. Every website should have a focus keyword for its content. Every page you have on your site should target one specific keyword. When choosing a keyword, a long tail keyword works the best to generate traffic and new potential customers. Also, one should make sure that this keyword is present on the page title, meta description, heading/subheading, and the word content. It is very important to avoid keyword stuffing and to work on keyword frequency. For example, if you’re going after the keyword “online food ordering software,” make sure it’s well placed. Also, keeping an eye on the competitors, Geo-targeted keywords, and customer-defining keywords is vital.

Importance of H1 tags

It is important to include the keywords in the H1 tag. Placing the keywords in the H1 is crucial because it helps Google to identify the content. Including keywords in subheadings (H2) will help Google to index your website in a better way. It is good to have primary and secondary keywords depending on the length of the content.

Seo Friendly URL

Search engines get to know what the page content is all about, majorly through the URL. To rank the page on the top, a website should have a short and keyword-rich URL. It should only contain 3-5 easy-to-read with meaningful keywords.

Page speed

How fast the page of your website loads also determines the traffic to your website, If your page takes forever to load. People can leave your website at any time. Loading of the page should happen in a jiffy. Using a software application to compress files will increase the page speed. By optimizing the code, one can also achieve  page speed. The faster the page load, the greater the traffic.

Image Seo

A good image helps to engage the visitors. Writing specific, relevant, and unique Alt tags that describe the contents of the image improves the SEO performance of the site. In addition to this, making an image mobile-friendly is also vital in SEO. Because image size should be optimal, responsive, and should not take forever to load. When it comes to the food business, images are everything. They entice customers into ordering the food. Therefore, images are vital for the restaurant business.

Mobile-friendly website
Mobile friendly website

As mentioned above, mobile-friendly websites will only intrigue the majority of people. Having a mobile-responsive website is important because a large group of people access the website only from the mobile phone and hence it is important to have a mobile-responsive website built.

Secure it with SSL

Ensuring the website is safe and secure with a secure socket layer is important. Taking care of the users’ data should be of paramount importance for any website and it should never be compromised and, hence, protecting it with an SSL certificate should be a must.

Canonical Tag

If your website has similar content on different pages. The Canonical tag helps the search engine to index the main page. Duplicate content is never a good sign for Google, so indicating ‘which version of the page to rank’ is critical, and the canonical tag does just that.

Schema Markup for SEO

Schema markup helps search engines to understand the content on the website better. As a result, it generates more traffic to your site. In addition to this, Sitemap acts as a blueprint for websites and helps search engines to index the  most important pages. You may also specify the language based on the geographic region using HREFLANG.

A restaurant can rank its websites above its competitors by keeping an eye on these on-page SEO requirements.The intention of the optimization is not only to rank the website first but also provide a hassle-free user experience. By following these steps or with the help of a good digital marketing company, your restaurant can boom.

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