#1 Instructive guide to online food ordering system for restaurants

Online food ordering system for restaurants is a revolutionary trend. Every industry has developed by leaps and bounds in this 21st century. The food industry especially has taken a monumental step towards progress with the arrival of an online ordering system. Even before the global outbreak, the food ordering platforms were on the rise and were progressing well. Nevertheless, after covid-19 it has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life and the ‘must have ‘ app on every individual’s phone. We live in a time where people want things  ‘now or never’, this has given rise to the online ordering platform. I hope that this article will be an ultimate guide to your dream restaurant business.

online food ordering system for restaurants

Every restaurant in the business can flourish if they own a system for themselves and find a way to streamline their working methods. These on-demand apps help you to be productive even if your dining hall is closed for the day.   People prioritize convenience above anything else in today’s time and also prefer less social interaction. This advent of this software has given people choices, convenience, and comfort. Most of all, it is time-saving. It allows people to order food 24/7 effortlessly at the fingertips. It is believed that at least once a week people order food using the food ordering apps. It is a well-known fact that the food industry is booming every day.

Undoubtedly, there is a great opportunity to earn big in the food industry. Digital ordering has overtaken conventional dining in the wake of the global pandemic.  By restaurants going digital with the services, it gets an opportunity to stay connected with the customers around the clock. Online ordering software transforms how the food industry works. It has modified the conventional ways to meet the fundamental needs of the people in today’s time.  Evolving technology has given people vast opportunities to explore and, besides, has bestowed convenience.

How does an online food ordering system work for restaurants ?

How does an online food ordering system  work

The food ordering system is all rage now, but what is a food ordering system?. On-demand food ordering and delivery software is a digital platform that allows you to sell products online.  One can develop this as a fully flexible website and also as a mobile application that is suitable for both android and IOS users. This is an intuitive platform in which one can save customer’s details and databases. It is a reliable software developed with integrated payment options to ensure safe and secure payments. This is an aid that comes in handy for the holistic management of the entire food delivery business. It takes care of all the managerial needs of the restaurants.

From receiving the order to the delivery, it takes care of the holistic functionalities of the order.  This software helps you to manage the order inflow, processing orders, canceled orders, and payments. Say goodbye to the drudgery of monitoring work manually and step ahead with a digital platform that does all for your dream business. These kinds of applications have a myriad of features, specifications and benefits . They act as the best tool to build your strategies and ramp up businesses. Let’s get into all of these functionalities in detail in the following paragraphs.

What is the purpose of an online food ordering system?

Purpose of an online  food ordering  system

The main purpose of an online ordering system is to make the ordering process easy for the customers. It should help  customers place the order online without any hassle. With a rise in the food business, there is a growing competition day by day. Restaurateurs need new solutions to stay ahead in the competition every single day. Online food ordering apps help you bypass the competition and stay alive in this food business game.

Before buying an online food ordering platform one should be aware of the problems that this software solves. Managing a fully functional restaurant is not a piece of cake, it has its challenges and guidelines to be adhered to.  Online ordering systems will bring in a larger number of orders than before. An increase in the number of orders will demand a systematic work process.

This food delivery software application will help you monitor orders, track them effectively and make sure it is delivered at the right destination.  You can eliminate any error in terms of incorrect submission and whatsoever. This platform allows you to track orders in a better way. Going further, pull detailed analytical reports of revenue, commission, sales, stock management and much more in a single system.

Manage payment accurately with a well-organized platform that takes care of the numbers meticulously.  As icing on the cake, the software helps you solve the overall restaurant management problems.  Administer employees and payrolls of staff members as easy as ABC. 

It enables you to perform effectively with a  driver management system, inventory quality assurance and takes care of managing costs of the restaurant effectively.  The purpose of this application is to help restaurants that struggle to attract and retain customers.

Types of online ordering system

Types of online ordering system

When a restaurant decides to take its operations online. It has two prominent approaches to choose from. They are a ‘third-party platform’ and ‘in-house ordering system’. Both the systems have their pros and cons, however, depending on a business requirement restaurants can choose the approach that best fits their demand. In both approaches, one can have fully  responsive websites and mobile applications that work the best for both android and IOS.

Third-party platforms:

A third-party aggregator is a multi-vendor food ordering platform owned by a different chain in which restaurants can become a part. So, when a customer places the order through a third-party application and website, restaurants will get notified about the order. Once the order is ready, delivery agents from the 3rd party platform will deliver the order to the customer’s location. These delivery partners act as a mediator between the restaurants and customers. 

There are both pros and cons for the third-party aggregators.


  • Tested and used by other businesses, so you will know the authenticity of the platform and can join the platform knowing both the positive and negative outcomes beforehand by learning from other businesses.
  •  This platform helps you to hire out an entire delivery source from the 3rd party chain.
  • Third-party aggregators promise an easy setup, so you can get your restaurants up and running online on day one itself.
  • Make your brand notable within a short period. Your restaurant can become popular when joining a third-party platform.
  • Third-party platforms invite more customers to your restaurant.
  • No need to worry about marketing much, since it’s a platform that invites more customers and offers fast solutions, your brand will get promoted automatically.


  •  At times a large number of orders flowing in can lead to operational inefficiency.
  • These third-party platforms can be highly competitive.
  • A huge some of profit has to be given as a commission for delivery and to the third parties.
  • No direct relationship with the customers or to their databases.
In house internal system:

Own an online restaurant ordering software for your dream business without having to worry about sharing your profits with 3rd party aggregators. It is your single vendor platform and you get control over the entire process.This is apt for restaurants that prioritize building a better customer base.There is no mediator between you and the customers.When the customers place the orders, you will deliver the order to their locations with your dedicated delivery system. In this, one gets an opportunity to create and own a fully responsive website with digital menus, and many to the list.


  • You can customize the platform as per your liking and based on restaurant requirements with digital menu and images.
  • You can connect with your customers better and save their databases for promotions and develop your marketing strategy through social media platforms.
  •  There is no need to share the profit, everything is yours. Importantly there are no middlemen in the process.
  •   It can work the best for small restaurants and start-ups.


  • Initially setting up and running the process can be difficult as it incurs more money to develop your platform from the scratch.
  • Maintenance of the vehicles for delivery and safety precautions has to be borne by the restaurateur. 
  • In this system, the restaurateurs have to be careful if a lot of orders flow in because the delivery agents have to deliver all of them.

What are the advantages of an online food ordering system for restaurants ?

Advantages of  an online food ordering  system

If you have read this far you might have an idea of what a restaurant delivery software can do for an organization. Here I would like to throw light on the benefits of this ordering system in a more detailed way, so that you can get a better understanding of the system and what it can offer to growing businesses. These systems help businesses thrive forward.

More revenue

One of the straightforward benefits of the food ordering platforms is that it generates more revenue. The number of orders served online is greater than the traditional dine-in orders. More orders will lead to more traffic and more profitability. This medium not only offers more profits but also helps to save money. This entire system makes work systematic and so you need not waste money on anything extra. you can have control over and calculate things in terms of the time spent, money invested, production time, and revenue generated.

Supercharge sales

Food ordering and delivery software allows you to augment sales. Through this software, you can get a daily, weekly, monthly comprehensive report of visitors based on the location. You can analyze the areas where you are doing well and where you lack. Through an integrated feedback system, you get an opportunity to nullify the setbacks in the quality issues.

Bridging customers and business

Customers are the cornerstone of any business. Only happy customers make businesses happy and flourish. Ensure seamless delivery experience from the time of order placement to delivery completion. Promising services build trust and increase customer retention. Restaurant delivery software is built with features that rule out delayed deliveries, loss of money, and failure in getting the orders. It has a support system that helps your customers come up with their grievances and go back happily with resolutions. You give your customers the confidence of being taken care of. This gives new and additional customers to your business.

Online business and promotion

Promoting businesses online has an assortment of ways.  Digital marketing is one big platform to take your business online to a larger group of audiences. Restaurants can make massive use of social media platforms to create brand awareness. You can make your brand visible to a larger group of people by sending promotional emails, push notifications and enabling them to place an order through Facebook and Instagram. You can attract visitors to your websites through social media platforms easily.

Maximize security

Opting for food delivery software promises a secure platform for both the customers and restaurateurs. Developers built this platform securely that ensures maximum security for the users. Transact money and store other confidential databases on the system without having to worry about security-related concerns.

Time management

This also aids restaurants to work closely with time. Time is money when running a restaurant business. With software like this, you can keep a tab on the time required for the preparation, delivery and check the time required for growth in black and white.

All-inclusive features:

This software is apt for all the food business, startups and cafes. The advantage of this software is that you can customize it as per your requirements to enhance business operations.

How to create an online ordering system for restaurants?

When building a platform for the restaurants, restaurateurs have two approaches as mentioned above: they can either opt for a multi vendor platform or a single vendor platform. There are software development companies that can create both Multi Vendor platforms and single restaurant software for businesses. Depending on the budget, functionality, and requirements, the development process differs for the above-said approaches. Online ordering comes as a collective app for customers, restaurants, and drivers. Each app with unique specifications to serve the purpose.

Set a target

Restaurateurs have to decide the target they would like to achieve with the software. They have to check the operational gaps and how can they correct them with a fully functional platform that can ramp up their business. A business should find a focus and the problems that they want to solve and the software should be created in a way that caters to the requirements of the target audience, hence restaurateurs should know who is their target audience, what are the results that they are expecting, what are the solutions they offer, how are they going to get new customers and retain them.

Operational requirements

Once restaurateurs know the objectives, defining the functionalities is the next step. What are the unique functionalities they want, to achieve the set goals? Functionalities are of paramount importance, as they differentiate businesses from their competitors. when creating a platform for your customers it should be completely user-centric with a smooth interface. So the business leaders should create a platform that performs well for both the customer, drivers, and restaurateurs.

Estimated cost

Assess the cost required for the development of the functionalities. Some companies offer both one-time payment and SAAS monthly payments. Restaurateurs can also custom-make applications as per their budget.

Choose a software development company

Choose a  well proficient software company that can do all the functionalities that you desire within the estimated budget. Drole technologies private limited is a prominent software company that has been offering software solutions to your business challenges. A team of well-seasoned developers will create you both multi vendor and single restaurant software that can aptly cater to your business requirements at an affordable cost.

Features of online  food ordering system for restaurants

Online ordering software for restaurants needs a customer, restaurateur, and delivery app to seamlessly take care of the ordering and delivery process. This software bridges delivery agents, restaurants, and customers in one platform. These three apps are equally important for taking care of the food business, as they are interlinked with one another.

Customer app

Customers’ application should have all the features that the customer is looking for. It should be user-friendly and developed in a way that even a common man should be able to use it. The app should also be available in the play store for easy download for the customers. Once the customers download the app and register. They should be able to search for the desired food items that they would like to place the order for.

Easy search

It is a must-have feature that should be present in the customers’ app. Features should be in a way that makes the searches easy for the customers based on the category, cuisine, meal, and dish. Once, customers find the dishes, they should be able to place the order easily without a hitch.

Order placement

While placing the order the customer should be able to add the items to the cart, add specifications, and most important of all, should be able to view the summary of the order.

Tracking of drivers

On placing the order the customers should be able to track the drivers and from where the order is coming from. The app should have route optimization technology, to know the order status in real-time.

Payment gateway integrations

The app should have the latest security certifications and the best means of data protection to ensure maximum security. When customers enter their payment details none of the information should get leaked or compromised. Also, offering convenient multiple payment methods with a reliable payment gateway is of paramount importance.

Seller app

Restaurateurs should also have an app on their end to effectively accept orders and assign deliveries. Separate web back end portal and app will greatly help to check the inflow of the orders.


Restaurateurs can accept and decline orders from customers and be notified when new orders flow in.

Process orders

This is the time the restaurant takes to process the order and prepare.

Assign delivery

Once the order is prepared and ready, restaurateurs can assign delivery to the respective delivery agent on confirming it with a one-time password.

Restaurant profile

The panel enables the restaurateurs to store all the details about the store’s owner registration details.This restaurateur panel has ample features to cater to the overall managerial needs of the food delivery platform.

Delivery app

It is for the delivery agents to connect with the customers and restaurateurs. It should have features that help the delivery agents deliver the orders hassles free on the go.

Order notifications:

When agents receive new orders they will be alerted with an order notification to deliver the orders. They can either accept  or decline the order.

Real-time live tracking

Drivers should have real-time live tracking and route optimization technology to deliver the orders. Accuracy is what counts when delivering the order and thus the application should have a robust tracking system inbuilt to achieve daily targets.

Track commission

Agents can track the commission on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and monitor the pay.

Driver profile

Panel to store driver’s personal information, vehicle registration, and other details.

Admin panel

Admin panel is the lynch pin of a food ordering platform. Building an effective panel is predominant and vital for the growth of the food business.

Management tool

Effectively manage restaurants, add, update and delete stores. Manage the overall functionalities of the restaurant, drivers, and customer database with an effective restaurant dashboard.

Analytics and report

Extract detailed reports of revenue generated, employees, payroll, stock management, and much more on this panel.

These are some of the most common features present on the customer, restaurateur, and delivery app, however, these are just a few examples of the features present, there are many more to the list. One can also easily customize the features as per their requirements.In addition to this, one can build a complete website for their food business with the same features as in mobile apps to help the web users order via websites.

Food ordering system for website

Once the customers visit your website, they should be able to read the complete details of the services offered by the restaurants in the chain, where is the restaurant present, what  services offered, and so on. A website should have a secure SSL. A self-explanatory website will attract a lot of customers to the portal. It should have detailed menu-based categories, opening and closing hours of the firm, map location of restaurants, history management of the orders list, address management of the users, add to cart option, testimonial section, and online payment gateway.

The intention of the website should be an easy user experience. They should be able to easily order and takeout delivery. The menu should be an interactive one. SEO-friendly hosting, custom domain, website analytics, quality content, interactive images, beautiful templates, and even videos of the food prepared will attract more visitors to the website.  These websites should be designed in a way that it is also supported on the mobile phone when used.

How much does it cost to develop online food ordering system?

Application Basic Features Estimated Hours
User’s Application
Registration/ Login20 Hrs
Push Notification11 Hrs
Real-Time Tracking20 Hrs
Search Filtration12 Hrs
Food Items18 Hrs
Multiple Payment Gateways16 Hrs
Multi Language10
Delivery/ Pickup23 Hrs
Sub Total 142 Hrs
Driver’s Application
Accept-Reject12 Hrs
Earning Tracker20 Hrs
Availability (Online/Offline)8 Hrs
Sub Total 40 Hrs
Admin Web Services Algorithm 42 hrs
User Management22 Hrs
Driver’s Ledger32 Hrs
Analytics62 Hrs
Sub Total 158 Hrs

The rise of food ordering and delivery software

According to Jastra Kranjec in her article posted on 5th January 2021, the online food delivery market has hit $151.5B in revenue. She says 1.6B users in 2021 leads to a 10% increase in numbers. She cites this piece of information according to the data presented by stock apps.

She adds that according to the Statista survey online food delivery revenue rose from $76.2 bn to $ 107.4bn in 2years, but it doesn’t stop with that. Revenue that stood at $136.4bn in 2020 keeps rising and is expected to reach $182.3bn by 2024.

Source link for more details click here

The increase in numbers of users

According to the survey, there is an increase in the number of people using the software. In 2019 it was 1.7bn and it reached 1.4bn in 2020 and is to reach 2b globally.

Geographically, according to the survey, China tops the online food delivery market with $51.5bn in 2020 and is expected to rise to $ 57 bn in 2021.

Secondly, the United States revenue increased by 30% with 28.4bn in 2021

Third comes India which is compared to reach & $11.6 bn in 2021.

Followed by the United kingdom and Brazil with $6.5bn and $3.8bn respectively.

As mentioned above Chinese consumers generate the most revenue according to Statista. Also, Statista suggests a growth of 5.1% is expected annually in the United states, pointing Newyork and San Francisco are the largest consumers in the US.

According to Statista, Grubhub is the industry leader in the US followed by Ubereats and Doordash with the highest market share. Insta cart also has special mention as it also sees tremendous growth in the food sector.

In addition to this, Meal kits delivery services give customers fresh ingredients which will later be used to cook meals. According to Statista it grew 300% between 2017 and 2018 and is expected to reach $11.6 billion by 2022.

Source link click here

Statistics about the customers

34% orders up to $50, 26% order food below $25, 12% order food up to $75

It is believed the average food delivery driver in the US has a yearly salary of $29,845. Also, the survey states some customers even pay extra to get the delivery system.

How do food ordering apps make money?

Order commission

Every order placed on the food delivery app and website will fetch you a percentage of the commission from the restaurants. By owning food delivery marketplace apps for a food business, one can decide the percentage of commission for every order placed on your app and website. Depending on the size of the restaurants, businesses can bargain a sum and earn humongous revenue.

Delivery commission

Most of the restaurants become a part of your platform when you own a multi-vendor eCommerce software. Since they do not own a delivery system of their own to deliver the orders for their restaurants. In this case, as a platform owner, you let restaurants use your delivery systems (delivery agents & transportation) and earn a percentage of profit for the delivery of every order. This is also one of the ways to earn a rewarding sum as a platform owner.

Delivery surcharge

Service providers can increase the price for the delivery of orders during peak hours and when it rains. Also, agents can charge extra for the distance traveled. Platforms can apply ‘Distance charge’ depending on the delivery radius. It is also one of the ways to bring profit to the platform

Premium advertising services

Achieve optimum benefits by maximizing ads across social media platforms and prominent search engines through premium advertising. Also, 3rd party ad services like(Google Ad sense) will help you earn revenue. Advertise prominent brands and services on your platform as a result of huge traffic on your website/ app you can charge the advertisers on your platform.

Advertising restaurants on the app

One can also earn revenue by promoting restaurants on the platform. Prioritize a restaurant’s listing banner, deals, and specials on your platform and charge a price from them. Advertise the brand to the customers and earn.

Service charge

You can charge a  small percentage of money from the app/ website users once in a while for maintenance of the platform. As a token of gratitude users will be happy and do not mind paying it. This also adds to the revenue.

Transaction fee

Since there are lots of online transactions taking place on your platform daily, platform owners can negotiate the best transaction fee from the payment gateways.

Subscription plan

Subscription plans are one of the best ways to earn revenue. When offering a free platform, you can go a step ahead and introduce monthly and yearly subscription plans with extra benefits like lightning-fast delivery,  free delivery, coupon codes, and other rewards to advantage your loyal customer base.

Marketing campaigns

You can market the restaurant’s brand on social media.  Social media and email marketing are prominent ways to market your product to a wide range of audiences. As a platform owner, you can do the marketing for restaurants and ramp up the revenue. With the advent of digital marketing, every firm has its digital marketers to promote their brand and product. Do marketing for the restaurants on your platform through push notifications, alerts, emails and earn from them.

By following, all of the above methods, you not only earn revenue for your business but also help restaurants to thrive forward. Getting a lot of traffic is the biggest advantage  you have as an aggregator. The popularity and the reach that your restaurant has is the biggest asset to earning revenue from the restaurant chains.

Why should you choose Uberfoody food ordering software for restaurants? 

  • Uberfoody is an on-demand food ordering and delivery software for restaurants.
  • Our developers have created this on-demand software to cater to the needs of the restaurant chains.
  • Uberfoody offers both single and multi vendor food ordering and delivery platforms for restaurants.
  • It is a fully customizable software, we custom make functionalities to best fit your operational needs.
  • We create both Android/IOS mobile applications and responsive websites for your restaurants.
  • We have been catering to the top service providers across the globe.
  • Our team of experts will take care of your requirements from development to after delivery support.
  • Uberfoody comes with advanced features at an affordable cost.
  • It offers highly innovative features for all customers, restaurants, and delivery apps.
  • Our experienced digital marketers will take care of your marketing and promotional needs. 
  • So you do not have to worry about promoting your business online. Uberfoody is a complete package created to deliver the desired results of the business leaders.
  • To ensure that our service reaches all business leaders, we offer friendly one payment and SAAS monthly payments.
  • We also have app-specific special features like table reservation, split-bill, and other prominent features.

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Food ordering and delivery software has taken the world by storm. It is the invention that offers convenience. This one platform is enough to make your business flourish. People consider this restaurant delivery software to be convenient and time-saving. For restaurants, it comes as a beacon of hope as it helps them streamline the work and generate whopping revenue for the business.

You can convert this business idea into a reality with this quintessential application. As per the statistics and research mentioned above. It can be understood that the food industry is progressing day by day worldwide and generating more revenue in billions. If you are thinking about building software for your restaurant, now is the right time to start. Customers prefer ordering via an app more than dining in at restaurants of late, take your platform online with the systematic application. Make constant improvisation with current technologies and get an edge over your competitors. Manage both takeaways and dine-in seamlessly with this software.

Furthermore, this online ordering system will help you stay ahead of the competition and keep your business afloat even during the pandemic. Apart from this, you can custom-make the software in the budget that you want. This platform is apt for both single and multi vendor restaurants’ requirements.

Online food ordering system is the need of the hour and I hope that this write-up will give you the required information that you are looking for before building a platform for you. Why wait? when you can build your restaurant software right away.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do restaurants need food ordering and delivery software ?

It is not a compulsion to own a food delivery software but if you own a system for your restaurant it will help you bypass the competition and help you stay ahead of your competitors, it will also give you a lot of revenue than before. This software will bring your operation under one system which in turn helps you to be systematically product

2. How does food ordering software benefit the customers?

Food ordering platform is the source of convenience for customers as it brings a myriad of restaurants in a single platform. Since it is a fully automated system, customers need not worry about calling and confirming orders. At a touch of a button things happen and it is a source of comfort to many, especially during the pandemic situation.

3. What are the factors to consider before choosing a software development company to build your product?

The developers should be aware of the current market trends. Also, the team should be well-versed in food app development technologies. They should be able to manage projects entirely from scratch. The knack for working with advanced technologies is also a must-have quality. They should have enough market expertise to deliver the desired outcomes.

4.How much does it cost to build an app like Uber Eats/ Swiggy?

The cost of the app depends entirely based on the functionalities and features. Based on your requirements, You can custom-make in pocket-friendly ranges.

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